Book and Bead Outlet

Yesterday evening I attended an Aura Workshop at the Book and Bead Outlet.  This was my first time visiting the shop as well as diving into Aura knowledge. Now let me start with the shop. As I approached the building, the salt lamps in the window caught my eye. The sun had already gone down and the lamps created a warm, welcoming glow. I entered and was greeted by the store clerk.  He accepted my payment for the workshop and directed me where to sit.  I arrived early (for once in my life) so I quickly walked around the shop to take a gander at all of the baubles and treasures.

At the Book and Bead Outlet you will of course find books, beads, crystals, incense, home cleansing kits and some jewelry. The books range from nutrition, to religion, to wiccan, to anything psychic related. I’m quite excited to go back to the store when I have more time to shop.

Kim Danbert was our instructor for the night accompanied by her husband Walt. Both seem to be wonderful people. Kim started the workshop off by providing a brief history of her experiences and credentials. I was already impressed at this point.  She spoke very confidently and genuine. During the workshop she explained the colours of auras and their meanings, she identified the auras around each of the participants and we completed exercises together to build are strength in seeing auras.

Towards the end of the class it was the moment I had been waiting for; time to see an aura. She stood against a  dark backdrop as we all had our eyes on her waiting to see a color – any color. And there it was. I saw a dark purple outline around the left side of her profile. I couldn’t believe what I was looking out for a moment.  It was amazing. I will now mention she identified purples, lavender and yellow in my aura.  This indicates psychic abilities and intellect.

I have always felt I had some sort of ability; but I was skeptical as well.  At an early age I remember seeing my first presence. One night a glowing figure appeared in the corner of my bedroom. I mostly remember not being afraid; I felt calm. Another experience I had was hearing a voice, although I could not make out the words, I heard it. I feel more confident in myself now that I’ve met with Kim. I can’t wait to further explore and develop my abilities.


Artegon Marketplace

Yesterday evening I experienced my first trip to the Artegon Marketplace. What was once an artsy, eclectic shopping center has now been emptied out for the most part.  They announced they will be officially closing on 01/26/2017.

While the majority of the vendors have already moved out, a few remained with smiles on their face.  Although I could still feel the sadness as I browsed through their products. I ended up purchasing a few colorful prints from an artist there. I wish I could have visited prior to the closing.  I’m sure it was an exciting place.